Quality is not a cost, it is value.

COOPERATIVA AGROINDUSTRIAL CONSOLATA strives to maintain quality at every stage of the slaughter and production process, and has implemented best practices for animal husbandry and welfare. It also provides constant training for its teams and performs regular laboratory analyses to ensure the food is healthy and nutritious. Download our Flyer using the button below and find out more about COOPERATIVA AGROINDUSTRIAL CONSOLATA’s products.

Self-assurance programs

We have Self-Assurance programs that are developed, implemented, maintained and monitored to ensure the absolute quality of our products, in addition to adopting a set of biosafety rules, which are approved and monitored by the Federal Inspection Service.

Contamination-free Products, quality and health assurance.

Among its quality controls, COOPERATIVA AGROINDUSTRIAL CONSOLATA has adopted HACCP (Hazard Analysis at Critical Control Points), which is the most modern food quality assurance method in the world. This plan seeks to eliminate any contamination that might exist in the products, thus ensuring food is safe and free from chemical, physical and biological contaminants.


The company is inspected by the Federal Inspection Service of the Ministry of Agriculture, through daily monitoring by veterinary auditors and technical teams that ensure the health and quality of the final products.


Approximately 1,000 microbiological and physical-chemical analyses of products, equipment surfaces and packaging used in the production process are performed monthly by the Quality Control department.

Integrated Producers

Integration is the name we give to the partnership between the company (the Integrator) and the rural producers (Integrated Producers) of broiler birds. The Integrated Producers have their own sites for raising poultry, and the producer is paid according to how much they produce at the market price at the point of slaughter.

The Integrated farmers (the poultry producers) of COOPERATIVA AGROINDUSTRIAL CONSOLATA are visited regularly by the technical department to give instructions on how much to produce and on the care and management of the birds’ health; from the very first day a chick is born, until it reaches the age to be slaughtered. The producers are responsible for ensuring the well-being of the birds with the right labor and adequate equipment.